The Elephant That Didn’t Want To Get Out Of The Mud

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The Elephant That Didn’t Want To Get Out Of The Mud

Locals found an elephant fallen into an unprotected well made by farmers. It waddled in the pool of mud while trying to climb up to the surface. But the well was deep and it couldn’t come out by itself. Lots of onlookers were there just to help the elephant get out but all tries were in vain. Even though the elephant was seen very tired, it kept munching on the food it was given to help its hunger.

Elephant fell into an unprotected well.

Wildlife rescue team enters the scene and started the rescue mission. They decided to widen the path using a caterpillar. The path was excavated and widens to ease the process of climbing up to the surface of the trapped giant.  Also, caterpillar made a barrier at the back of the elephant to support the elephant not to fall back into the well.

With the support of the caterpillar, the elephant came out, even though it took a while. The elephant seems safe and sound.

Locals around tried to make noises to make the elephant scared and guide it towards its natural habitat. The wildlife team chased it back into the wilds.

Watch the full video here about the elephant fallen into an unprotected well.


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