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The royal family has a reputation for trying to make the world a better place. 


Inquisitr recently reported that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were spotted at the WellChild awards ceremony. Prince Harry has been a supporter of that charity since 2007 but this was Markle’s first time attending the event. 

Now according to the Kensington Palace’s Instagram account, Prince William just visited the Royal Mail’s International Logistics Center to learn how their taskforce members have been working to stop attempts to traffic illegal wildlife products. 

The UK Border Force has been working in close cooperation with the UK mail network being used by wildlife traffickers. They seized 139 ivory products that were being exported through the Royal Mail postal services in 2017. 

A photo in a tweet by Kensington Palace shows some recent items that were seized, including ivory necklaces and items made from crocodile leather. 

The Mirror reports the prince was greeted by Lord William Hague and he met with representatives from United for Wildlife and discussed ways to further disrupt illegal wildlife trade. Members of the organization’s task force are working as part of an umbrella group of seven groups that work together to end illegal wildlife trade. 

United for Wildlife is chaired by Lord Hague, who is the former foreign secretary. He formed the Transport Taskforce in 2016. Its goal is to save protected species.

In 2016, the UK Chamber and some of its member companies became early signatories to the Buckingham Palace Declaration, which forms an agreement and action plan to stop the trafficking of wildlife. Since then, 40 companies have signed the agreement.

During his visit, the prince was given a special set of stamps demonstrating the work of United for Wildlife and the Transport Taskforce.

The prince seems to have the public’s full support. On the Kensington Palace Instagram account, one supporter commented, “Good work Prince William. We’re so proud of you. Truly a star.”

Another person offered support for the prince, saying, “This is great that Duke of Cambridge is bringing awareness to this and showing the world that we have to start somewhere and go up from there and try their best to get ahead of this problem and stop it all together.”

Of course, you can’t please everyone all of the time. One person commented that her husband had purchased an antique piano but that when it arrived the ivory keys had been confiscated. She was upset because she had a piano that couldn’t be used.


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