Water tank for Elephants

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Nothing lasting is built overnight. To create a kindhearted place for animals requires an effort and planning, especially when working at changing an older traditional culture. The project to bring elephants out of the street has spanned many years, researching , proposing solutions, negotiating, educating, planning. After every one arrives at a similar starting point, we start to build. To make a home for such a large animal requires attention to detail, including a food plan , sheltering , recreational areas, water sourcing for drinking, and to supply for their mudpits and swimming areas when summer arrives and the river runs dry.


For the elephants at Baan Khun Chai Thong, well over a year of preparation went into the development of a home for the herd. Thanks to Len Jeffries and Marilyn McCarthy for your contribution to help us build the swimming pool for the elephant. It is easy to confirm their enjoyment, and it makes their home a happier place.

Learn More : http://www.saveelephant.org/


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