Tourist learns the hard way why you shouldn't stand this close to an elephant

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You know those times when you probably shouldn't be laughing at something, but attempting to choke back the hilarity makes it uncontrollably worse?

That's the best way we can describe this video of a girl getting straight-up b-tch slapped by an elephant. If you do one thing today, watch the clip above.

The now-viral clip was shared by Twitter user Ernie Ley on June 29, and has since ticked up over six million views, 1000 likes, more than 400 retweets and in excess of 100 comments.

"When in Zambia… don't stand too close," Tweeted Ley.

No elephants have been hunted in this African wildlife preserve in more than a year, officials say

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One of Africa's largest wildlife preserves says it's been a year since it found an elephant that was killed by poachers.

The last time an elephant in the Niassa Reserve was recorded killed by a poacher was May 17, 2018, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society, which assists Mozambique's government in managing the reserve.

African countries want to lift ban on ivory sale and elephant hunting

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Leaders of five southern African nations met this week to demand the right to sell ivory, which is gotten mostly by killing elephants. Ivory sales have been banned to protect the elephants. (Denis Farrell/AP)


Five southern African nations that are home to most of the world’s elephants demanded the right to sell ivory, arguing that people who live alongside the animals must be allowed to benefit from them.


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STE uses GPS-tracking equipment to understand elephant lives, decisions and needs. STE founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton was the first to track elephants using radio collars and STE remains at the forefront of tracking technology.


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Elephants, found in both Africa and Asia, are vital to maintaining the rich biodiversity of the ecosystems that they share with other species.

WWF focuses its conservation efforts on saving the world’s largest mammal in sites across both continents. We work with wildlife managers, governments and local communities to stop poaching, reduce human-wildlife conflict and improve monitoring and research.

Here’s a look at some interesting elephant facts.

Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia

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The Save Elephant Foundation is working within the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary to protect and conserve 1 million acres of jungle habitat, approximately one hour north of Angkor Wat. The project spans 25,000 acres and aims to protect the land and all of the native species, flora and fauna, that call it home, including tigers, monkeys, buffalos, and of course, the Asian elephant.

Michael Gove’s proposed ban on ivory doesn’t go far enough to protect the elephants of Africa

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Today, on the final day of parliamentary business before Christmas, Peers will find out how far the Government is prepared to go to ban the sale of ivory in the face of opposition from an antiques industry that wants to continue to trade “artistic” pieces.

African countries square up for battle over future of ivory trade ban

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Three countries in southern Africa have banded together to press for the ban on the international trade in ivory to be lifted. South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe have submitted a joint proposal to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). They are asking for permission to trade in ivory without which, they argue, there are no positive incentives to conserve elephants or their habitats.

Beautiful Elephants of Minneria National Park

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Minneria National park is one of the most conserved areas in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. We have heard many stories about saving these magnificent giants from going extinct as they face many difficult situations as they travel around migrating from safe areas to areas with human villages and cities.

Let’s take a look at this magnificent scenery of beautiful green grasslands surrounded by trees and blue water in the middle. Does it look like somewhere you want to be with these humble giants passing by?

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