Baby elephant dies after back legs snap performing tricks for tourists

Submitted by Naturenomics Team on Sat, 18/05/2019 - 09:55

A baby elephant in Thailand has died after his back legs snapped performing tricks for tourists at a zoo.

Last month, sickening footage of a distressed baby elephant being “forced to rave” for the amusements of tourists went viral.

The “skeletal” calf in the video was growing weaker every day as it was forced to dance and perform tricks — until April 13, when the animal’s two back legs snapped.


Submitted by Naturenomics Team on Sun, 12/05/2019 - 11:56

This elephant sanctuary, located by the Mae Taeng River near Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, is one of the first projects developed that has seen the traditional activities of elephant camps transformed under our ‘Saddle Off!’ model. Seeking an alternative to offering elephant riding and performances, the owner was happy to change to a mutually beneficial program where the elephants have the freedom to socialize and walk through the jungle foraging on native plants, while a small group of guests experiences a meaningful, intimate encounter with these majestic animals.


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This elephant sanctuary, set high in the picturesque mountains near Chiang Mai, boasts some of the most stunning scenery in Northern Thailand. It is home to four beautiful elephants rescued from riding and performing in shows in Kanchanaburi, along with many other rescued animals, including dogs, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, and rabbits. The animals living at Elephant Highlands are treated humanely and with love.


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This project provides a caring home for three elephants now retired from a life of arduous work in the logging industry and elephant riding. The elephants living here now get to spend much of the day doing what comes naturally – roaming through the jungle, foraging for wild vegetation, bathing in the river, giving themselves a mud bath, scratching against trees, and socializing with each other. At this project, an emphasis is placed on providing visitors with insights into caring for elephants, their habits, and how to interact with them respectfully.

China seizes over 2,700 elephant tusks in massive bust

Submitted by Naturenomics Team on Fri, 26/04/2019 - 11:54
  • In one of the biggest busts in recent years, Chinese officials have seized 2,748 elephant tusks weighing more than 7 tonnes, the General Administration of Customs announced earlier this week.
  • The ivory was confiscated during a joint operation by customs authorities and police across six provinces on March 30.
  • Customs authorities added that since the beginning of 2019, they had filed 182 cases of smuggling of endangered wild species, seized more than 500 tons of end

This Cutie Patootie Baby Elephant Won't Let Its Caretaker Work Because It Wants To Play

Submitted by Naturenomics Team on Tue, 23/04/2019 - 08:50

Elephants are basically cute, cuddly giants who if treated with respect have a whole lot of love to give.

Take a look at this baby elephant who simply wouldn’t let his caretaker work. It wants to play so bad, it nudges and tries to coax its caretaker to come play with him. It’s almost as if he is saying “Pleeeeeaaaseee? Pretty pleeeease?”

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