Elephant rescued from captivity celebrates 5 years of freedom with fruit cake. Internet is emotional

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Its been five years since an elephant, fondly known as Raju, was rescued after being held captive. Raju celebrated five years of his freedom with a special cake.

An elephant, fondly known as Raju, celebrated five years of his freedom in a ceremony that was organised for him. Raju was held captive before being rescued by an NGO as he spent the first five decades of his life seeking alms for his owner on the streets of Uttar Pradesh. He was kept in custody illegally until he was rescued by the NGO Wildlife SOS in 2014.

This elephant-obsessed Indian state is finally stepping in to protect abused captive animals

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Kerala is finally coming to the rescue of its abused and tormented captive elephants.

The southern coastal state, home to around a fifth of these 2,454 domesticated pachyderms in India, will take their custody if they are tortured or tormented by owners and mahouts, the New Indian Express newspaper reported on June 11. Owners unable to look after their old elephants can also hand them over for a nominal fee, Kerala forests and wildlife minister, K Raju, told the state legislative assembly.

Celebrity elephant Ramu opens Kerala festival after ban lifted

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Partially blind and with a reputation for violence, elderly pachyderm brought back after outcry

For decades Ramu, now in his 50s with the odd grey hair but still instantly recognisable by his broad forehead and aquiline nose, has inaugurated an Indian temple festival by bursting through a huge wooden door and striding imperiously through the crowds to cheering and fireworks.

Elephant picks up, runs off with man defecating in open

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When a 55-year-old man was defecating in the open in a village in Purulia district of West Bengal, little did he expect an elephant to disturb him in the process.

On Wednesday, at this small village near Ayodhya Hills in Purulia, the man identified as Niranjan Sahish was relieving himself on a field when an elephant approached him out of nowhere and picked him up on its trunk, reported The Times of India.

As both the elephant and the man panicked, the animal ran around the field carrying Sahish on its trunk and dropped him at a distance.

Kerala Temple Sets An Example By Replacing Elephants With Wooden Structures For Festivals

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Elephants are the vital part of temple festivals in Kerala. They are used as a tribute to the God and are major attractions during these festivals. Most of the elephants are kept in captivity. The abuse and isolation that they have to face have been a much-debated topic.

But Nalapathenneeswaram Sree Mahadeva Temple in Cherthala, situated in Alappuzha district has decided to go against the tides as they said that they will replace elephants with wooden structures.

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