Hungry Elephant wants everyone to feed him

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Hungry Elephant wants everyone to feed him

Remember the elephant that stands on the road waiting and demanding food from the travelers and pilgrims that travel through this area. The gigantic Toll booth elephant being back at it again eating and eating more from demanding from the people who travel through the road. Obviously, the place smells like a fruit salad most of the time, so these elephants know how to come back even after a day.

Watch this video closely on how peaceful and calm they are when offered with food, so they expect nothing more than some food and a full lane to stay and eat. Enjoy the rest of the footage and let us know your thoughts.

If you ever visit the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, make sure to visit the Kataragama temple to gain blessings from the Kataragama Deviyo. You can also find more elephants in some locations mentioned below.

Watch the full video here


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