Elephants are loved across the world.  And they are symbolic.  Increasingly rare.   Hence the dire need to capture everything we know about them centrally and with authenticity. 

A major issue is the inherent conflict between what elephants need to grow and survive, and human habitats.   The only resolution, is a structured balance of afforestation and corridors calling for governments and societal policies which are enforceable and fair.  Without these, future generations will only know elephants in museums and miss the magic of their almost human emotions and responses.  We will be poorer for this!

This virtual platform - Asian Elephant Secretariat - is a resource both caring and factual - that gives one and all, the data and facts they need to construct policies, attract concerns, and support to the cause of preservation and sustenance.

The need of elephants is also the need of mankind.  The preservation of forests, rivers, valleys and plains, without which our world would soon be barren and unlivable.   The majesty of elephants is the majesty of mankind.

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