Creating an 8,000 M. Vertical University to conserve Nepal's Biodiversity

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BENEFITING: Ktk-belt Inc

EVENT: Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge


The Story

The eastern region of Nepal comprises one of the world’s 35 global ‘biodiversity hotspots,’ with more than 6,700 species of vascular plants, 180 mammal types, and 800 bird species, including many species that are endemic or found nowhere else on earth.

This biodiversity is at risk due to habitat loss in the Himalayas. Between 1990 and 2005, Nepal lost more than 1.2 million hectares of forest or 25% of its forest cover. This was caused by poorly planned urbanization, land grabs and a lack of viable, economic alternatives to take pressure off of wild habitats. The loss of forests and habitat connectivity threatens the existence of numerous organisms that rely on habitat connectivity for  survival.

Local farmers have intricate knowledge of the uses of hundreds of locally found species of fauna and flora. This knowledge, assembled over generations through deep contact with the natural environment, is vital for adaptation to change. Inspired by the possibility of activating the hidden layer of indigenous knowledge held by these farmers and converting the landscape into a ‘Vertical University’ for the entire eastern region, the KTK-BELT project was launched in 2014. 

By creating hundreds of Learning Gounds, essentially micro-conservation hubs at different elevations, linked with a plant trail, our dream is that a Nepali child can walk across 118 forest types across 8,000 vertical meters and directly experience this biodiversity.

Minimum Fundraising Targets for Crowd Rise:

Pangolin Conservation = $5,000

Support 10 BELT fellows ($2000/year/fellow) = $20,000

Support 150 BELT farmers ($100 / farmer/ year) = $15,000

Support Yangshila’s outdoor education program = $10,000 

Nighure Campus and seed banks: $50,000

Tamur campus and Masterplan : $25,000

Koshi Tappu Campus: $25,000 

Total: $150,000



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