Mangetti Wild Dog and Elephant Protection Project

Submitted by Naturenomics Team on Tue, 03/09/2019 - 13:04
Mangetti Wild Dog and Elephant Protection Project

Venture into the remote wilderness of northern Namibia.

As a conservation volunteer at Mangetti National Park, your first adventure will be getting here. From the capital city, Windhoek in central Namibia, you’ll make the 600-kilometre journey north along ever-smaller roads to one of the remotest corners of southern Africa.

This is real frontier wildlife conservation, in a region where you won’t bump into tourist safaris and elephants haven’t learned to pose for photos. Instead, the wildlife here is truly wild and cautious to avoid humans altogether.

Your role as a volunteer will be to try and keep things this way. Working alongside conservationists, you’ll help prevent animals and humans from coming into conflict. You’ll also get to experience the thrill of monitoring and tracking wildlife across the vast expanses of wilderness.

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