Assam: Elephant creates panic inside Numaligarh refinery complex

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Naresh Mitra

Assam: Elephant creates panic inside Numaligarh refinery complex

GUWAHATI: An elephant believed to have strayed out of the herd, on Saturday barged into the Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) in Golaghat district and unleashed panic among the employees almost throughout the day. Around 4.30PM, forest officials were able to drive elephant out of the NRL complex, but not before the jumbo damaged number of motorbikes and bicycles parked within the complex.

Numaligarh forest ranger, PD Buragohain said that around 4.30PM they were able to chase the elephant out through the main gate of the NRL.

The elephant went past the on-duty Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel who tried to prevent the jumbos entry, but failed.

"At one point of time, the elephant tried to come out of the complex but because of panic and shouting of people, the jumbo slayed back creating further panic among the people. The elephant was the part of the herd that actually tried to enter through the gate every early in the morning. Somehow, the elephant skipped from the herd and barged through the gate. The route was once used by the elephants as corridor, and perhaps the herd was following the route." Buragohain said. He said that the herd was waiting about 5 Km away  in Deopahar reserved forest. 

On January 18 this year, Supreme court dismissed NRL's petition in the apex court against National Green Tribunal (NGT)'s 2016 order to demolish the boundary wall that came up in the part of Deopahar reserved forest and in the "no development zone" issued by Union ministry of environment and forest in 1996.


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