Elephant picks up, runs off with man defecating in open

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An elephant picked up a man defecating in the open in a Bengal village.

A 55-year-old man defecating in the open in Bengal's Purulia was interrupted by an elephant on Wednesday. The elephant picked him up on its trunk and ran for 50 metres.

When a 55-year-old man was defecating in the open in a village in Purulia district of West Bengal, little did he expect an elephant to disturb him in the process.

On Wednesday, at this small village near Ayodhya Hills in Purulia, the man identified as Niranjan Sahish was relieving himself on a field when an elephant approached him out of nowhere and picked him up on its trunk, reported The Times of India.

As both the elephant and the man panicked, the animal ran around the field carrying Sahish on its trunk and dropped him at a distance.

According to the report, Sahish couldn't believe his luck when the elephant dropped him after carrying him 50 metre away.

As the elephant picked pace, Sahish was sure that this would be the end of him. However, he survived with injuries on his back and leg.

As the Ghatbera village near Ayodhya Hills falls on the elephant corridor here, it is not a surprise that an elephant came out in the open to look for food. Local authorities and villagers have time and again issued warnings asking villagers to not venture in the open.

Authorities also said that there have been numerous awareness programmes to encourage locals to build toilets at their homes instead of defecating in the open.

The latest incident might give a further push for residents of this Purulia village to go the Swachh Bharat way.

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