Kerala: Wild elephants return to forest

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 Two tuskers are seen swimming in Parali River on Friday Morning.

Palakkad: Two wild tuskers who  moved out from the Kaladikode-Dhoni Forest to the residential areas here have started their journey back on Friday evening. One among the pachyderms had trashed to death a CITU worker at Mundur on Tuesday and destroyed a ration shop at Kamba on Thursday. The tuskers had been criss-crossing the residential areas and creating panic since they ventured out of the forest on Tuesday.

On Thursday morning, they entered the waters of Parali River and after relentless efforts on the part of the police and the forest officials the elephants came out of the river and started their journey back to the forest in the afternoon.
At night, they reached Vallikode hills and are expected to enter the forest before the day break on Saturday, forest officials here said.  

Earlier, two tuskers and a calf elephant which receded from the Malampuzha forests had given sleepless nights to the residents of Peringottukurissi here in Kottai police station limits in August 2017. The tuskers had caused trouble to the residents of Mangottukurissi and it was with much difficulty the forest guards of Alathur range and the local police directed the wild tuskers to the forest again. A wild elephant that entered the rubber plantation at Vattekkad in Puthupariyaram panchayat here on 11th March, 2017 during the wee hours had gored and trampled to death a 42-year-old man who was in the plantation for rubber tapping.


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