Boundaryless Asian Elephant Conservation
A global brand which synergizes Community & Asian Elephant Conservation efforts
Elephant Country
Elephant Country is a global brand launched by Balipara Foundation to raise awareness and create a concerted effort for the conservation of Asian Elephants & their habitats. At the heart of all Elephant Country projects lies “Community Conservation” to foster interdependence and harmonious living. Elephant Country products and services aims to promote sustainable business and leverage technology to build and share knowledge resources, exchange real- time Elephant information and facilitate expert support during emergency/conflict situations.
habitat map
0.99 million trees
0.99 Million Trees
A 5km2 forest
A 5km2 Forest
Carbon Sequestration
30420 MT Carbon Sequestration
INR 7.6 Million as direct revenue
INR 7.6 Million as direct revenue
  • Social Assets
  • Upward Social Mobility