Gardeners of the Eco-System
Elephants play an important role in the eco system, their strength is declining rapidly and they can vanish entirely before the end of this century. Threats to them is Threat to eco-system and therefore is also a Threat to us.
We ask all to support the cause of protecting and preserving their natural habitats.
Elephants are Borderless
Their need is different from Tiger, as elephants are not territorial, sometimes the forests that same family of elephants travel to spans many countries.
Elephant needs to move freely from one forest to another to survive and sustain.
Increasing Human Population, Reducing Natural Habitats
We all know natural habitats are reducing, but do we know why elephants are the key link here and what are the challenges and the compromises that both elephants and humans staying near the forests have to face.
And how all of this affects the city dwellers.
Spiralling Conflicts Leading to Biggest Lose to Humanity
Man-Elephant Conflict results in damage to both sides, and in long run it will be the humans that will suffer the most.
The question is can we ever move away from these conflicts and instead Live in Harmony Together

Man Elephant Conflict Log

Subject Name Location Type of conflict Man casualty Ele Casualty
Sample2 gayatri Sonitpur, Assam Damaging Tea Estate 2 1
Sample1 Kalpesh Jakhalabandha area, Koliabor, Guwahati Crossing Roads 1 -