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Visit this elephant sanctuary near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand for an unforgettable experience and join the growing number of people choosing responsible and sustainable elephant tourism. The project is run by a Karen family who has lived and worked with elephants for two generations. They are happy to see their elephants freed from riding, with time to forage, socialize, and play.

Karen Elephant Retreat is home to a small herd of elephants, including a mother elephant and her young. Since their retirement from riding, the elephants are enjoying being able to interact as a herd, and are healthier and more relaxed. It is a special experience to witness the playful innocence of young elephants watched over by their highly devoted mothers and nannies.

As part of a small group of guests accompanied by a tour guide, enjoy elephant-friendly activities in nature. Dress in traditional Karen clothing and feed the elephants rice-tamarind balls that you have prepared for them, take a walk with the elephants in the forest, bathe them, and watch them play in the mud pit. In between activities, a delicious vegetarian buffet lunch will be served while the elephants graze nearby.

All of the people involved in this project are Karen and local weavers create traditional clothing made from hand-spun, naturally dyed cotton, woven on a hand loom. The preservation of Karen culture in a fast-changing world is important to the elders of the family.

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